Legislative Alert – 9/12/19

Pennsylvania Fire & Emergency Services Institute


Legislative Alert – Call to Action


September 11, 2019


House VA & EP Committee Action





PFESI has been advised of the following House legislative activity that supports the recent SR 6 committee report


Please be advised that members of the Fire & EMS community should contact and meet with members of the House VA & EP Committee and advocate for the following:

Committee Vote – September 18th – 9:00 A.M.


HB 759 (Dush/Jozwiak)

Authorizes volunteer fire departments to bill for real and reasonable costs.


HB 1347 (Masser)

Requires insurance carriers to reimbursement ambulance companies directly that are not in the insurance carrier’s network.


HB 1673 (Farry)

Authorizes volunteer fire departments to use Volunteer Fire Relief Funds for Length of Service Award Programs (LOSAP), which are mini-retirement programs for volunteer firefighters.


HB 1705 (Gabler)

Authorizes school districts to provide a property tax credit of up to 100% for volunteer emergency responders.


HB 1773 (Struzzi)

Establishes the First Responder Tuition Assistance Program.


HB 1780 (James) – Exempts volunteer fire/EMS companies from the Right-to-Know Law


HB 1786 (Sainato)

First Responder College Loan Forgiveness Program.



SB 146 (Brooks)

Online training for firefighters.


Action NEEDED:


The key is to CONTACT members of the House VA & EP Committee so they are aware and cannot make an excuse that they do not know about these bills!



How to identify Members of the House VA & EP Committee contact and district Information:





  1. Click on the members name
  2. Identify district on the Google Map
    1. If you live or your emergency services organization is in that district, this is your member.
  3. Contact the members District Office and set up a meeting or send message of support for the above legislation.
  4. Example Message to communicate:
    1. I wanted to contact you to ask you to support SR 6 bills that are coming out of the House VA&EP committee and will very likely be in front of the House for a full vote this Fall.







Example of Email that we are requesting you to send:


Chairmen and Committee Members of the House Veterans Affairs and Emergency Preparedness Committee:


Both Pennsylvania Fire and Emergency Services Institute (PFSEI) and Firemen’s Association State of Pennsylvania (FASP) support the SR 6 bills that are on the committee’s agenda for Wednesday, September 18th. These important pieces of legislation will help to provide the much needed assistance fire and emergency services across the Commonwealth very much so need. Please vote in support of:


    • HB 759   Dush, Cris Amends Title 35 (Health & Safety), in emergency management services, providing for emergency response payment.
    • HB 1347   Masser, Kurt Amends the Insurance Company Law, in casualty insurance, further providing for billing.
    • HB 1673   Farry, Frank Amends Title 35 (Health & Safety), in volunteer firefighters, further providing for definitions, for statement of purpose, for funds and for audits.
    • HB 1705   Gabler, Matt Amends Title 35 (Health & Safety), in incentives for municipal volunteers of fire companies and nonprofit EMS agencies, further providing for definitions, for real property tax credit and for rejection and appeal.
    • HB 1773   Struzzi, James (F) Amends Title 35 (Health & Safety), in emergency management services, providing for tuition assistance for active volunteers; & establishing the Active Volunteer Tuition Assistance Program & Fund.
    • HB 1780   James, Lee Amends Title 35 (Health and Safety), in miscellaneous provisions, providing for exemption.
    • HB 1786   Sainato, Chris Amends Title 35 (Health & Safety), in incentives for municipal volunteers of fire companies & nonprofit emergency medical services agencies, establishing the First Responder Loan Forgiveness Program; and making editorial changes.
    • SB 146   Brooks, Michele Amends Title 35 (Health and Safety), in Commonwealth services, providing for online training for firefighters; and making a related repeal.

Thank you for your support!




Members contact information is below:


Veterans Affairs & Emergency Preparedness Committee


Majority Members


Stephen Barrar – Chair





Mark Gillen                                                                  R. Lee James

717-787-8550                                                             717-783-8188

mgillen@pahousegop.com                                         rljames@pahousegop.com


Frank Farry                                                                 Zachary Mako

717-260-6140                                                             717-772-5398

ffarry@pahousegop.com                                            zmako@pahousegop.com


Francis Ryan                                                              Natalie Mihalek

717-783-1815                                                             717-783-1522

fryan@pahousegop.com                                            nmihalek@pahousegop.com


Stephanie Borowicz                                                   Timothy O’Neal

717-772-9925                                                             717-787-3315

sborowicz@pahousegop.com                                                toneal@pahousegop.com


Lynda Schlegel Culver                                               Todd Polinchock

717-787-3485                                                             717-787-5452

lculver@pahousegop.com                                          tpolinchock@pahousegop.com


Torren Ecker                                                               Jim Rigby

717-783-8875                                                             717-772-9924

tecker@pahousegop.com                                          jrigby@pahousegop.com


Matt Gabler




Keith Greiner






Minority Members


Chris Sainato – Democratic Chair




Dan Williams                                                               Isabella Fitzgerald

717-783-4103                                                             717-783-4111

Dwilliams@pahouse.net                                             ifitzgerald@pahouse.net


Carol Hill-Evans                                                          Anita Astorino Kulik

717-787-7514                                                             717-783-3780

Chill-evans@pahouse.net                                          akulik@pahouse.net


Joe Webster                                                               Jennifer O’Mara

717-787-0419                                                             717-783-4090

jwebster@pahouse.net                                              repomara@pahouse.net


Ryan Bizzarro                                                             Christina Sappey

717-772-2297                                                             717-772-9973

repbizzarro@pahouse.net                                          repsappey@pahouse.net


Frank Burns