Senate Resolution 6 Commission Meeting

The Senate Resolution 6 Commission is scheduled to meet on Thursday, November 28th at 10:00 a.m. in Room 60 of the East Wing of the State Capitol.  Attached is a copy of the FINAL report, which reflects the changes agreed upon at our October 23rd meeting.  The only substantive change that was added after the meeting was the inclusion of the PSATS “Municipal Ideas” for the SR 6 Commission, which is now Appendix 7.  Thanks to Pat Berger and her staff at LBFC for putting this together.

For November 28th, we plan on having a call-in number; however, it is important that we have members in attendance as we will need a quorum.  We will have hard copies of the Final Report available at the meeting.  There will be light refreshments – pastries/muffins – available at the meeting.

Download the final report