Town Hall Meeting – York County

Best Practices in Developing and Managing a Fire Service a Youth Camp and Citizens Fire Academy

Many volunteer organizations have implemented innovative solutions to engage youth and adults in the community. Youth Camps and Citizens Fire Academies can be powerful tools to recruit new members and increase awareness of the fire service. Jordan Cramer, Fire Chief South Strabane Township – Washington County Darryl Keiser, Fire Chief – Garden Spot Fire Rescue...

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Implementing Volunteer Tax Credits at the local, school district and county level.

Act 165 and Act 91 permits local governments, school districts, and counties to establish a volunteer tax credit program. Learn from those who have implement these important retention programs at the local level. Brad Dauberman, Fire Chief, Shrewsbury Volunteer Fire Company – York County Jerry Brant, PFESI Board of Directors, Assistant Chief Patton Fire Company...

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Are You Planning a New Fire Station? Tips to Make it Happen!

Planning, financing, and building a new fire station is a complex process. Learn important tips that can be used to build consensus and make your vision a reality. Eamon C. Brazunas, Fire Chief, Phoenixville FD – Chester County

As a Volunteer Firefighter What are My Rights After a Work Injury?

Volunteer firefighters in Pennsylvania have certain rights after a work-related injury. Learn important facts from an expert in Pennsylvania’s workers compensation system. Michael G. Dryden, Esquire – Willig, Williams, and Davidson