Ordinance No: _____________

Whereas, the Emergency Services response activity to incidents on the highways continues to increase each year; Environmental Protection requirements involving equipment and training, and Homeland Security regulations involving equipment and training, creating additional demands on all operational aspects of Fire and Rescue Services; and
Whereas, the Fire and Rescue Services have investigated different methods to maintain a high level of quality and emergency service capability throughout times of constantly increasing service demands, where maintaining an effective response by the Fire and Rescue Services decreases the costs of incidents to insurance carriers through timely and effective management of emergency situations, saving lives and reducing property damage; and
Whereas, raising real property taxes to meet the increase in service demands would not be fair to property owners, when a majority of the Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVA) involve individuals not owning property or paying taxes in the jurisdiction; and the ability of Fire and Rescue Services to effectively respond decreases the liability of insurance companies by saving lives and minimizing vehicle damage; and
Whereas, the _______________ _______________ desires to implement a fair and equitable procedure by which to collect said MVA fees and shall establish a billing system in accordance with applicable laws, regulations and guidelines; Now, therefore
BE IT ORDAINED BY THE (governing body) OF THE (Municipality):
SECTION 1: The (municipality)’s Fire and Rescue Services shall initiate user fees for the delivery of Fire and Rescue Services, personnel, supplies and equipment to the scene of motor vehicle accidents and other incidents on the highways.  The rate of user fees shall be that which is usual, customary and reasonable (UCR), which may include any services, personnel, supplies and equipment and with baselines established by addendum to this document.
SECTION 2: The user fee shall be filed with the motor vehicle insurance carrier, representing an added-on cost of the claim for damages of the vehicles, property and/or injuries.  In the event services are required relating to utilities causing safety problems to highway areas, and if the area is deemed unsafe by emergency responders, the same billing process shall apply to said utility, whose equipment related problems cause an emergency services response.  The claim’s costs shall be filed with the insurance carrier of the owner of a vehicle, property or other responsible party.
SECTION 3: The Fire and Rescue Services’ ________________ may make rules or gregulations and from time to time may amend, revoke or add rules and regulations, not consistent with this Section, as they may deem necessary or expedient in respect to billing for these fees or the collection thereof.
SECTION 4:  All amounts collected as a result of this Ordinance shall be placed into a fund as established by the ______________ Fire and Rescue Services’ to be used exclusively for personnel, supplies and equipment of Fire and Rescue Services.
SECTION 5: It is found and determined that all formal actions of this (governing body) concerning and relating to the adoption of this Ordinance were adopted in open meetings of this (governing body), and that all deliberations of this (governing body) and any of its committees that resulted in such formal actions were in accordance with all legal requirements and the Codified Ordinances of the (governing body).
SECTION 6:  This Ordinance shall take effect at the earliest time permitted by law.
Passed: _____________________________ ____________________________
Approved ___________________________                         ____________________________

VOTE ON PASSAGE    ____Yea   ____Nay  ____Abstain
Attest: _________________________

I, ________________, Clerk of the (governing body), do hereby certify that the foregoing Ordinance No.____ was duly published in the _______________________, a newspaper of general circulation in the (Municipality) on this ______, day of _______, 20___; and I further certify the compliance of the Ordinance with the Codified Ordinances of the (municipality) and the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, pertaining to the PA State Sunshine Law.

Fire and Rescue Services Billing Fees

(non-hazardous materials incidents)

LEVEL 1 $125
Service Charge Includes:

  • Basic Response
  • No complicated or lengthy service performed
  • Basic Fire Police Services

LEVEL 2        $250
Service charges include all of the above items, plus:

  • Traffic control
  • Apply absorbent
  • Incident Scene clean-up
  • Vehicle removal assistance

LEVEL 3 $500
Service charges include all of the above, plus:

  • Victim extrication(including multiple victims)
  • Above average use of power/hand tools
  • Traffic control in excess of 2 hours
  • Incident scene reconstruction assistance to Police Department
  • Excessive manpower, time or services related to complicated or serious incident

In all cases, these fees are based upon a single vehicle rate, meaning the rate can be charged for each vehicle involved in an incident.

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1 years ago

We have worked very hard to implement Traffic Incident Management Training, however Emergency Responders continue to get struck on our roadways. If you interested join us at the Capital on Tuesday! ... See MoreSee Less

We have worked very hard to implement Traffic Incident Management Training, however Emergency Responders continue to get struck on our roadways. If you interested join us at the Capital on Tuesday!
1 years ago

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1 years ago

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